Christmas at Just Add Milk

Shopping small gives the gift of two gifts. Buying from a small business genuinely makes the owners do a happy dance.
Not only are we a small business, run by mum of four Vicky, we also strive to stock our boutique to support the dreams of others by stocking from independent brands. Everything we stock is lovingly created, not mass produced, and can’t easily be found on the high street. Not only does this ensure you, the customer, receives high quality and original pieces, it is also directly supporting independent brands and their families. In addition, we believe in everyone being paid a fair wage for the work they do. Many of the brands we stock are either British designed and manufactured, such Brighton-based Little Lellow or Lara and Ollie based in London. Or they carry the Fairtrade Logo, such as Fiona Walker England where everything is produced by an all-female workforce; the women can take their work home enabling them to bring in an extra income for their families whilst taking care of their children or Albetta who employ a 90% female workforce in Vietnam under Ethical Trading Initiative. 
Christmas is coming and we are feeling very festive here at Just Add Milk. Choosing a gift from us this Christmas not only will give you a beautiful and unique present, but it also covers all the benefits above – pretty guilt free shopping eh? 
Start the countdown to Christmas with this unique advent calendar. Sweet animals in signature hand printed style screen - printed onto 100% organic cotton twill with a pocket for each of the 24 days leading up to Christmas, this advent calendar can be enjoyed year after year and filled with pretty much anything from sweets to small toys.
Father Christmas will be delighted to fill these vintage style stockings made from the softest brushed cotton fabric. 
Adorn the tree with sweet ethical decorations, like these little chaps that are sure to put a smile on your face with their hand-knitted jumpers. 
Make a statement with our reindeer head, carrying the Fairtrade logo and handmade using wool felt. 
Dressing for the occasion is easy with our delightful selection of festive attire, from sweet snowy-scene pyjamas to traditional Corduroy dresses that will look perfect next to the Christmas tree. 
To browse our full Christmas range, head to our Christmas Shop
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Decorating a Nursery

Decorating a Nursery

Planning and decorating the nursery is one of the exciting milestones of the pending arrival of a new baby, but it can often feel a little overwhelming too! We’ve put together a collection of décor and must-haves from around the world, and each one can be found in our beautiful online boutique.   


Scandinavian's have the art of cosiness just right with their concept of “hygge”. Having this at the centre of a nursery will bring contentment and a peaceful night (we can’t guarantee a full night of sleep though!). Creating a pretty and comfortable room is just perfect for a nursery.  Snuggle up with this soft grey sparkle star cushion. No comfortable space is complete without a luxurious rug, like this statement bear rug that is ethically handmade from organic lambswool.  

Choose a centrepiece 

Choosing a statement piece can then help to bring together the overall theme of a room. This can be something as simple as a cushion, or a larger item. It may be a beautiful mobile, like our felt swan mobile that could then be paired with a mix of blushes and pom poms. Or one of our unique animal heads to create a jungle or an explorer theme.

Don’t forget the essentials 

In all the decorating excitement, don’t forget the basics. Storage is a big must – babies and small children do often acquire a lot of things! Storage doesn’t have to be boring, and it can slot in perfectly to a nursery and be a talking point in its own right. Our fun pom pom storage bins or this sweet lamb print storage bin make are a great place to stash away toys or laundry. We also stock a range of sleeping essentials like this meadow print sleeping bag or this spot print Cot sheet.

Go Wild!  

We are big fans of an animal theme here at Just Add Milk, and we have most favourites covered. Our quirky wall-mounted animals heads are such unique pieces that are full of character. They are each handmade under ethical guidelines using sustainable practices. If you love these but want a bit more practicality, then our animal clothes hooks will tick both those boxes. They each have a sturdy hook that is perfect to hang coats, bags or dressing gowns, whilst also bringing a fun and quirky feature into a room. Include a ferocious friend like this lion cushion, or bring in more of a forest theme with this woodland mobileFinally, add an educational touch with our metal vintage-look animal alphabet print. 

Finishing Touches 

Many of us have special keepsake items from our own childhood, and we have such a gorgeous selection of teddies that your little one can treasure forever. 

To shop our full collection, visit our website ( All orders come gift wrapped in recycled tissue and twine – with love from us to you. 

Jamie Birch
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Products to Help a Teething Baby

Products to Help a Teething Baby

Teething can be a real pain (no pun intended!). It can be a really difficult time for both parents and baby. Every baby is different, and the NHS website offers a number of tips to help you find something that works for your baby.   

One way to provide a bit of relief is to offer something for your child to chew on. Here at Just Add Milk, we absolutely love teething jewellery to help your baby’s gum pain. It provides a stylish accessory for Mum or Grandma that is conveniently to hand when it is needed. 

We stock a selection of teething necklaces, and you are sure to find one that beautifully corresponds with your own style. When called upon these silicone beads are perfect for helping with those teething pains. We love these perfectly formed, stylish and sophisticated necklaces. These necklaces are guaranteed to dress up any everyday outfit and keep your little one's gums free from pain. The necklaces can even be cooled in the fridge, perfect to cool mum on a hot day and to provide even more teething pain relief for baby. 

These Lara & Ollie teething bangles are the perfect stylish accessory to any outfit, every day of the week. They look so good and can be worn as accessories with or without the kids. When called upon the silicone bangle is perfect for helping with those teething pains by providing baby something to chomp on and sooth the gums.  

All our teething jewellery is made from high-quality, non-toxic food grade silicone that is free from any nasties. 

Many babies dribble a lot more when they are teething. It is important to keep wiping this from baby’s chin to prevent irritation. Regular changes can often be needed due to dribble, so putting a bib on instead can help this. We have a lovely selection of bibs to correspond with your baby’s outfit instead of just covering it up.  

We love this lime dotty and flower print bib, just the sweetest and made from 100% cotton and towelling for extra absorbency. 

Or this silver star bandana bib made from 100% finest quality cotton with velcro fastening. 

Perfect for little explorers, our arctic organic cotton bibs have been made using double-layered organic cotton making them super absorbent and extra comfy to wear 








All of the bibs we stock are machine washable, so you can just pop them into the washing machine when used. As with all the clothes we stock, our range of bibs are all from ethical manufacturers meaning that from production to sale everyone is paid fairly along the way. 

Babies can often be a lot crankier when they are teething and some parents report that they also sleep less – so just be kind to yourself, and remember – you got this! 

Jamie Birch
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Our Guide to Stress-Free Weaning

Our Guide to Stress-Free Weaning

Weaning can be an exciting but also sometimes an anxious time for new parents! 

The current guidelines from the NHS say to wait until your child is “around 6 months old - this gives them time to develop properly, so they can cope with solid food”. The first signs of readiness for weaning are that your baby will be able to:

· stay in a sitting position, holding their head steady

· coordinate their eyes, hands and mouth so they can look at their food, pick it up and put it in their mouth

· swallow food (rather than spit it back out)

When you begin weaning, you only need to offer a small bit of food once a day. The saying “food before one is just for fun” means not to worry if your baby doesn’t actually seem to be eating very much; until age 1 milk still provides all the nutrition a baby needs. Some parents choose Baby-Led Weaning, others favour traditional puree method, and some use a combination of purees and finger foods. There is no right or wrong, you have to choose what works best for you and your family. We have a lovely range of dinner sets that will make dinnertime even more fun!

Alex initially chose a combination of finger foods and purees with baby Phoebe.

"At 6 months, Phoebe was showing all signs of readiness so I thought I'd start by offering her some veg purées, with some fingers of vegetables alongside. Every time I put a spoon of something in her mouth she threw it back up so I took that as a sign she wasn't quite ready. After a couple of weeks and several attempts, I decided to give up trying to puree and spoon feed as she was clearly preferring the finger food option. So we followed a more “baby-led weaning” approach and embraced the mess! It was summer so we pretty much stripped her down to her nappy and ate alfresco. I had so much fun with this and we started offering her what we were eating from the word go (within reason obviously...not everything!) I found great inspiration on Instagram and a few books, my favourite being 'Young Gums'. We found that Phoebe ate best when we ate with her and were eating the same food as her, it was crazy how early she clocked on to this so it definitely helped us improve her diet and we really made a thing of mealtimes with her!

Embracing the mess is spoken by many parents who opted for baby-led weaning, we have a gorgeous range of bibs to help contain some of it, and highly recommend our long bibs!

We also stock these lovely reusable wipes to help clean up baby whilst also avoiding disposable wet wipes to be kinder to the planet.


Rachel contended with baby Leo’s allergies; he was a colicky baby and when he hit 6 months his skin erupted in hives and eczema. They tried numerous medications, and eventually, it got so bad that Leo was admitted to the hospital. Allergy tests were done, which confirmed Leo was allergic to egg, nuts and possibly wheat/gluten. Rachel found weaning quite a stressful experience because of all this, and she offers some advice for other parents going through similar.

“1) Slow - it’s easy to get lured into what other Mums are doing and what’s on social media but take it slow and do what’s right for you and your baby. My 10-month-old is still on baby rice for each meal as well as root vegetables. You may be given advice from a dietician about what and when to introduce.

2) Ask - there are lots of specific allergy groups on Instagram and Facebook. In small doses, these have been useful.

3) Attend – some counties have an Allergy Team who often have events on weaning.

4) Alternatives- There are some wonderful alternatives out there.

5) Preparation - weaning takes time anyway but with a child with allergies, it’s near impossible to eat out. So prepping is the key and batch peel/cook.

6) Research! Knowledge is power and it’ll help you muddle through.

7) Just remember you are NOT alone! Each day or week will bring new answers”

Once dinnertime is over, a bath might be in order with one of our bath books and then a swaddle in a cosy towelling dressing gown or a hooded towel.

To browse our full range of feeding time essentials, click here

All items gift wrapped with recycled tissue and twine - with love from me to you x

Jamie Birch
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Five Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dads

Five Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dads

Dads can be difficult to buy for, and as Father’s Day draws near many of us are thinking of a gift we can buy the first man in our lives to remind him of how special he is in our family. We have searched for gift ideas that are both thoughtful and don’t break the bank, and here we share our favourites. 


Make it Yourself 

There are so many lovely and creative ideas that your little one (with some help!) can make. We absolutely love a handmade creation, and here are just a few sweet ideas we have found. 
  • A decorated rock saying “My Daddy Rocks” (I mean, what Dad doesn’t love a cheesy pun?!). 
  • Putting together some statements your child has made about Daddy is sure to put a smile on his face. There are some lovely printables available for this on Pinterest that ask lots of sweet questions to prompt your child. 
  • This footprint card is really sweet too, paint Daddy’s shoe and then put your child’s footprint over the top. It makes a great keepsake to see how much your child grows. Just make sure you wash all the paint of his shoe before he notices!  

  • Finally, they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so why not bake him a tasty treat?  

  • Give dad a book that is sure to bring a few laughs, like this the humorous Baby Tips for Dads by Simon Brett. A book that guarantees to keep Dad smiling through the tears, tantrums and mountains of smelly nappies” 

  • One to read together. There are lots of books about Daddy, so why not pick one up that can be enjoyed as a bedtime story.

     A hamper 
  • Create a hamper filled with his favourite things; coffee beans, socks, chocolate, gardening items. These can be token gifts, and could even be chosen by your children depending on their age (of course set them a budget before letting them loose!).  

    Quality time 
  • Depending on the age of the gift-giver, a promise of something to do together will put a smile on Dad’s face, this could be anything from help doing some gardening to a cinema trip together. 

  • Say it with words 
Sentimental notes in cards, or a simple “I love you” will mean a lot to Dad. You can make even more of a statement, like with our Dad metal sign that he can put in pride of place. 
Let us know what you chose to buy your dad for Father’s Day! If you choose to shop with us, you are supporting a small business with a focus on being ethical and sustainable. Also, items come gift wrapped with recycled tissue and twine so are ready be received as the perfect present. 
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