When it comes to nursery storage, Pehr makes organisation look easy with their range of cotton canvas storage bins. We simply love the cute styling and fold away designs, making them an absolute must to keep any baby and toddler space tidy. From the mini storage bin measuring 20.25 x 17.75cm to the 33 x 30cm medium storage bin, there is plenty of space for your baby bits and bobs, but just in case you were wondering, here are the top ten things we think you should be keeping in your Pehr storage bins.


You can never have enough nappies, especially with a newborn, so having somewhere to keep them without the plasticky exterior of a branded nappy pack ruining your nursery decor is a great idea. Choose nappies in several sizes and keep them in stock ready for your baby to grow. Take the nappies out of the packet and slot them into the storage bins and you’ll be surprised at how many you can fit in.

2.Wipes and cotton wool

Unscented and alcohol free wipes are the best for your baby’s delicate skin, or try cotton wool with lotion to keep skin smooth and reduce waste. You can keep your wipes and cotton wool in the same Pehr storage bin as your nappies or keep them in with your toiletries, ready for any nappy situation!

3.Baby toiletries

How many toiletries can a baby possibly need? You’d be surprised! From lotion and barrier cream, to wipes, cotton wool and emollient cream for dry skin, these bottles and packets soon stack up, so rather than having them all on show, keep them to hand in your storage bins ready for changing time.


You’ll always want to have something entertaining at your fingertips when you need to distract your baby during changing time, or to satisfy their awakened senses first thing in the morning, whilst you are still half asleep. That’s why a storage bin full of soft toys is the perfect solution. By picking soft toys that are suitable from birth, you’ll have a set of go-to characters you can call upon day and night to provide entertainment and help your baby develop. We have a range of soft toys and dolls that babies will love and which are suitable from birth.

5.Socks and tights

Trust us when we say you’ll need lots of socks and also when we reveal that your storage bin will probably end up full of odd ones! Tights are easier to keep track of, but equally at home in your soft canvas storage bins ready to complement an outfit.

6.Booties and shoes

Before your baby starts walking, you can still dress them in baby booties or soft shoes to keep their little toes warm and get them used to the idea of wearing something on their feet. Be prepared to have them kick one off whilst you are out and about though! We love these crochet booties by Albetta, in a range of cute and colourful designs.

7.Hairbands, bows and accessories

As your little one’s hair grows, you’ll need something to help keep it out of their face and of course to complement their outfit, so a range of hairbands, bows and accessories can be easily kept in one of the small Pehr baby storage bins, together with a brush and comb.


Whether you want your baby to sleep in babygrows or two-piece sets of pyjamas, you’ll need somewhere to store them. As you’ll probably go through more than one set of pyjamas a night due to changes and milk spillages, it’s a good idea to have spares close by so you don’t have to disturb the whole house opening and closing drawers. Our medium Pehr storage bin is the perfect receptacle for your baby’s nighttime attire.

9.Muslin squares and bibs

It’s perfectly normal for your baby to bring up a little milk whilst being winded after a feed, but what’s not so nice is when you get it all over your shoulder. A muslin square or burping cloth placed on your lap or over your shoulder will help protect your clothes and provide a hygienic place for your baby to rest their head. Bibs are also a great idea for feeding time as they’ll soak up most of the spillages, keeping the clothing underneath dry. Soft items like this are ideal for storing in a storage bin in your baby’s nursery.

10.Hats and gloves

From sunhats to beanies, your baby will need a hat to either protect them from the sun or keep their head warm in the cold weather. Gloves such as mittens are great to keep little hands warm and you may also make good use of scratch mittens if your baby is scratching dry skin. Keep a storage bin handy for all your seasonal essentials and you’ll always know where to find them.

Now that you know the 10 things we’d keep in our Pehr storage bins, all you need to do now is work out where to put them. To keep things out of your baby’s reach and ensure your floor space is clear of clutter we’d recommend placing them on a shelf or bookcase, where you can easily reach for the contents.

You can browse our range of Pehr storage here or get in touch if you have any questions.

Happy organising!



February 08, 2022 — Master Account