At Just Add Milk we love brands that promote ethical ideals or support the wider issues going on in the world and WWF is one such brand. As the world’s leading independent conservation organisation, WWF have been working for 60 years to protect wildlife and reduce human impact on the environment and now thanks to their Cub Club, you too can support this amazing cause.

The WWF Cub Club is a collection of soft toys, made from the finest and softest eco-friendly materials and available in a number of different animal designs including elephant, monkey, panda and zebra. For every purchase made, a donation is made to the World Wildlife Fund to support their ongoing conservation efforts to protect precious wildlife and preserve their habitats.


If your child loves a comforter to fall asleep with, why not try these beautifully soft Ebu elephant comforters, available in grey or pink? With crinkle ears, knotted legs and a rope tail there are plenty of tactile elements to keep curious little ones entertained.


For little hands that have started reaching out for things, these WWF Cub Club grabbers are the perfect companion. Choose from Mago the Monkey, Ebu the Elephant or Panu the Panda and let your baby reach for the ringed body, knotted legs and super soft looped arms as they discover more about the textures and shapes around them.

Rattles and Squeaker Toys


Nothing stimulates the senses like a little noise, so try giving your baby a toy that has a rattle or squeaker and see their faces fill with delight as they entertain themselves. The WWF Cub Club features Kiko the Zebra bell rattle soft toy, a stripy and cuddly friend that rattles when you shake him.

Or, for that extra level of cuteness try this Mago the Monkey squeaker toy. With a long, springy tail and a squeaker in his tummy, he’s a great sensory toy to be enjoyed from birth.

Soft Toys

For the ultimate plush try this Ebu the Elephant, the largest of the WWF soft toys at 29cm tall. Extremely soft and snuggly, Ebu is available in grey or soft pink and as with all Cub Club toys, a donation is made to WWF for every purchase.

Our range of WWF soft toys are all suitable from birth and make the perfect gift for a new baby. You can never start too early, so buy a WWF Cub Club soft toy and Inspire a lifetime love of wildlife!



January 17, 2022 — Master Account