Teething can be a real pain (no pun intended!). It can be a really difficult time for both parents and baby. Every baby is different, and the NHS website offers a number of tips to help you find something that works for your baby.   

One way to provide a bit of relief is to offer something for your child to chew on. Here at Just Add Milk, we absolutely love teething jewellery to help your baby’s gum pain. It provides a stylish accessory for Mum or Grandma that is conveniently to hand when it is needed. 

Person - Products to Help a Teething Baby

We stock a selection of teething necklaces, and you are sure to find one that beautifully corresponds with your own style. When called upon these silicone beads are perfect for helping with those teething pains. We love these perfectly formed, stylish and sophisticated necklaces. These necklaces are guaranteed to dress up any everyday outfit and keep your little one's gums free from pain. The necklaces can even be cooled in the fridge, perfect to cool mum on a hot day and to provide even more teething pain relief for baby. 

Accessory - Products to Help a Teething Baby

These Lara & Ollie teething bangles are the perfect stylish accessory to any outfit, every day of the week. They look so good and can be worn as accessories with or without the kids. When called upon the silicone bangle is perfect for helping with those teething pains by providing baby something to chomp on and sooth the gums.  

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All our teething jewellery is made from high-quality, non-toxic food grade silicone that is free from any nasties. 

Many babies dribble a lot more when they are teething. It is important to keep wiping this from baby’s chin to prevent irritation. Regular changes can often be needed due to dribble, so putting a bib on instead can help this. We have a lovely selection of bibs to correspond with your baby’s outfit instead of just covering it up.  

We love this lime dotty and flower print bib, just the sweetest and made from 100% cotton and towelling for extra absorbency. 

Bib - Products to Help a Teething Baby

Or this silver star bandana bib made from 100% finest quality cotton with velcro fastening. 

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Perfect for little explorers, our arctic organic cotton bibs have been made using double-layered organic cotton making them super absorbent and extra comfy to wear 

Diaper - Products to Help a Teething BabyDiaper - Products to Help a Teething Baby








All of the bibs we stock are machine washable, so you can just pop them into the washing machine when used. As with all the clothes we stock, our range of bibs are all from ethical manufacturers meaning that from production to sale everyone is paid fairly along the way. 

Babies can often be a lot crankier when they are teething and some parents report that they also sleep less – so just be kind to yourself, and remember – you got this! 

July 29, 2019 — Jamie Birch