Keeping your baby’s feet cosy and protected when they start moving around is a tough job, but baby shoes are up to the challenge! From the first booties you choose to complement that cute special occasion outfit to first shoes that are suitable for little ones who are getting ready to take their first steps, there are lots of styles, designs and fabrics to choose from - so how do you choose baby first shoes? We’ve got some simple tips to help you, so read on for inspiration and help.

Choosing first shoes for babies that are not yet crawling

When your baby is still in the early stages of his or her development and not yet moving around, shoes are not really necessary, but what does matter is keeping those little tootsies warm. Socks or booties are the ideal accessory for bringing warmth, comfort and cosiness to little toes. As you don’t need to worry too much at this stage about soles or protection, your main concern will be what the booties are made from, as you’ll want your baby’s feet to feel comfortable and not irritated by any itchy material.


We have a range of gorgeous crochet baby booties from Albetta. Featuring cute animal faces and designs from a happy hippo, to a cheeky monkey, magical unicorn and bright yellow duck, these booties are hand crocheted in soft cotton and are suitable for babies from 3 to 6 months.

Choosing baby first shoes for crawlers and tentative walkers

From the age of about 10 months, you’ll notice your baby starting to cruise around - this is where they are crawling with confidence and starting to pull themselves up onto everything but not yet walking. At this age, unless they are walking unaided, proper shoes may be more of a hindrance than a help so don’t rush out to your nearest shoe shop to get your little one’s feet measured. Going barefoot or wearing soft shoes will be the most useful at this stage, until your baby is ready to start walking outside.


For cruisers and crawlers we have a lovely range of pre walker shoes from Inch Blue. Featuring a range of colourful designs and characters these baby first shoes are made from genuine leather with a suede sole to give ultimate comfort to toddlers. Available in sizes from birth to 24 months, depending on the design chosen, these shoes from Inch Blue are ideal for babies that are not yet walking unaided as their flexible, thin sole delivers protection but allows for movement from crawling to cruising.

Once your little one starts to walk unaided and is wanting to walk outside you’ll need to invest in proper fitted shoes to deliver grip and protection whilst allowing their small feet to grow and develop. Until then, however, you’ll just have the very difficult decision of which baby booties or pre-walker shoes to choose, given that there are so many cute designs available!

If you need any help in finding the right first baby shoes to suit your littles one’s age or size please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


November 08, 2021 — Master Account