Even from birth, your baby’s sense of touch is highly developed and a great way for them to start understanding the world around them. Their mouth, in particular, is very sensitive to different textures and temperatures so you'll probably notice your baby putting things in their mouth and this is completely natural as it is one of the best ways for them to learn about new textures, provided whatever they are trying to suck or chew on is baby friendly. 

It isn’t just textures that babies need to explore, but also sounds. They will recognise your voice from birth but that’s just the start of their auditory journey, as they will be keen to listen out for new sounds, rhythms and patterns that help them understand the world around them. It is vital to build these sensory experiences from birth, particularly as your baby’s eyesight is developing. Then once they have mastered head and eye coordination you’ll notice them starting to watch objects moving around and this is a great time to bring new colours and sights into their play. 

The best way to do this is through sensory play and using something like the Wee Gallery Activity Pad. This soft play pad, which is available in a number of different designs, has been created to stimulate your baby's development from birth. So what makes this activity pad so helpful to their ongoing sensory improvement? 

  • Geometric designs and black and white colours - babies cannot see in colour very well to begin with, so contrasting black and white colours help them to differentiate and distinguish shapes and edges whilst their vision is developing. This is why the Wee Gallery Activity Pads are a great gift for a newborn as they can start learning from day one! 
  • Crinkle flaps and sounds help to stimulate hearing and develop the link between reaching out to something and it making a certain noise. Once your baby works out how to crinkle the flaps and make the noise they will want to keep doing it again and again which also helps to develop their fine motor skills. 
  • A hidden pocket reveals a wooden teething ring, which is destined to end up in your baby’s mouth at some point as they try to make sense of it all. By piquing their curiosity, you’ll have them trying to find out what else the activity pad can do, making the most of their ‘tummy time’ and exploring the different sights, sounds and textures. 

From a parent’s point of view, a soft play mat such as the Wee Gallery Activity Pad is an ideal toy from birth. It’s something to add to your wish list if you’re planning a baby shower or a great gift idea to give to grandparents who are looking to buy you something useful for your new arrival. 

Please click here to shop for a Wee Gallery Activity Mat and if you need any help in deciding what gift to get please get in touch. 



January 17, 2022 — Master Account