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Inspired by one mother’s love for her baby’s feet, Inch Blue has blazed a trail in soft leather baby shoes ever since.

Since 1999, Rhiannon’s dedication to design, comfort and safety has grown her kitchen table business into the 20-strong team it is today. Her message to love your baby's feet has resounded with mums all around the world and her shoes have been stocked in hundreds of stores and children's departments, including Harrods, Selfridges and Liberty.

Endorsed by Podiatrist Christina Redfearn for helping provide the best start for babies, Inch Blue shoes address the delicate nature of babies' feet. Made of pliable cartilage, they can be easily damaged by small or tight shoes. Nerve endings aren’t developed, so pain can’t be felt, causing bones to easily grow misshapen.

Handmade in Britain using only the softest natural leather, Inch Blue shoes are specifically designed to let little feet breathe and grow naturally. Every single batch of leather used in over 100 designs is fully tested at our factory in Wales, to ensure it exceeds British and European standards.

Today, our multi-award winning shoes are frequently spotted on the feet of little royals, celeb-babies and (not so) mere mini-mortals, whose mums and dads simply want what's best for their babies' feet.

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Hector Tan Baby Shoes 0-3m | Inch Blue
WILD THING - Inch Blue Shoes: S, M, L, XL
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Stardom Navy/Grey Shoes - M, L, XL:  Inch Blue
Star Grey Shoes - Large & XL | Inch Blue
Mabel Grey Lace Shoes | Inch Blue
Mabel Grey Lace Shoes | Inch Blue
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Swan Inch Blue Shoes - S & M
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