Lara & Ollie

Stylish baby-proof jewellery designed for mamas, by mamas. Two London mums decided that there was no reason why we shouldn't be able to wear jewellery when our little ones love it so much to chew them! Discover Lara & Ollie's range of made in London silicone necklaces and bangles, the perfect gift or treat for any modern mum.


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Lara & Ollie Teething Necklace - Seren
Lara & Ollie Teething Necklace - Sophia
Lara & Ollie Sacha Teething Necklace
Lara & Ollie Kate Teething Necklace
Lara & Ollie Freya Teething Necklace
Lara & Ollie Zara Teething Necklace
Lara & Ollie Teething Bangle - Blush
Lara & Ollie Maroon Teething Bangle
Lara & Ollie Teething Bangle - Cornflower Blue
Lara & Ollie Stone Teething Bangle
Lara & Ollie Pewter Teething Bangle
Lara & Ollie Teething Necklace - Lily
Lara & Ollie Teething Necklace - Isla
Lara & Ollie Teething Necklace - Bella
Laura & Ollie Round Teething Necklace - Peony Granite
Lara & Ollie Round Teething Necklace - Blush
Laura & Ollie Teething Bangle - Coral
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Lara & Ollie Bangle - Apricot
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Glacier Granite Round Teething Necklace: Lara & Ollie
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