Organic Clothes

Our adorable unique collection of organic clothes have all been carefully hand-picked from ethically produced brands such as Fresk. Includes gorgeous print pyjamas, trousers, hats, sweet kimono cardigans and luxury robes.  Organic cotton is more durable and will stand as twice as many washes than conventional cotton.
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Organic Cotton Baby Pyjamas - Havre Vintage Print
Fresk Bodysuit in Havre Vintage Print: 0-3m
Organic Cotton Kimono Cardigan - Havre Vintage Print
Pineapple Print - Organic Cotton Kimono Cardigan: Fresk
Giraffe Print Pyjamas- Two Piece Set, 18-24m:  Fresk
Fresk Whale Dawn Grey Organic Pyjamas- 3-6m
Organic Bodysuit in Grey Whale Print: Fresk
Fresk | Whale Dawn  Kimono Wrap Cardigan size 3-6m
Grey Leaves Organic Pyjamas: Fresk
Leaves Grey - Organic Cotton Kimono Cardigan: Fresk
Organic Baby Trousers Unisex Pale Grey : Fresk
Gull Grey Organic Cotton Baby Hat: Fresk
Organic Pyjamas - Blue Whale Print: Fresk (3-6 m)
Light Blue Organic Cotton Hat: Fresk
Fresk Blue Arctic Baby Pyjamas
Organic Cotton Bodysuit in Blue Arctic Print: Fresk
Organic Pyjamas - Rose Whale Print: (6-12m)
Organic Cotton Baby Pyjamas - Rose Whale Print: 0-3m & 3-6m
Mellow Rose - Organic Cotton Kimono Cardigan: Fresk
Organic Baby Trousers Mellow Rose: Fresk
Mellow Rose Organic Cotton Baby Hat
Pink Arctic Organic Pyjamas 3-6m: Fresk
Pink Arctic Kimono Organic Cotton Cardigan: Fresk
Swan Pale Peach Pyjamas
Sold Out
Swan pale peach Long Sleeved Body Suit
Peach Swan Print - Organic Cotton Kimono Cardigan 0-3m: Fresk
Golden Duck Babygrow  (9 - 12 m) | Little Green Radicals
Luxury Organic Cotton Bath Robe- sand / dark grey (2-4 years)
Luxury Organic Bathrobe- sand/pink, (2-4 years)
Cosy Baby Winter Sleeping Bag (Organic) Arctic Print - size: 6-12m: Fresk
Fresk Baby Winter Sleeping Bag (Organic) Blue Arctic Print - size 6-12 m & 12-18 m
Winter Fox Pink Long Sleeved Sleeping Bag
Padded Winter Baby Sleeping Bag (Organic) 1 - 2 Y - home by Door
Padded Organic Cot/Infant Bed Blanket - home by Door
Safari Quilted Playmat | Wee Gallery (Free Delivery)
Padded Blanket (Organic) - home by Door
40 results
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