Wee Gallery new organic cotton Crinkle Toys are so very stimulating with a satisfying crunch. Adorable, high-contrast designs make them interesting visually and add tactile stimulation. Babies love the sound and feel of this crinkly friend. Grabbing and holding this stimulating toy for their curious explorations.

Text - Leaf Crinkle toy | Wee GalleryBrand: Wee Gallery
Text - Leaf Crinkle toy | Wee GalleryLeaf design
Text - Leaf Crinkle toy | Wee Gallery100% Organic Cotton 

Label - Leaf Crinkle toy | Wee GalleryCrinkle Paper filling
Text - Leaf Crinkle toy | Wee GalleryTwo-sided design, black and white

Text - Leaf Crinkle toy | Wee GalleryFree UK post!

Mustache - Leaf Crinkle toy | Wee Gallery  

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